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Debt Collection

Cyprus Debt Collection Lawyers

Chambers & Co has been successfully assisting clients in recovering debts since 1996.

Our law firm specialises in handling both commercial and private debts, and understands the importance of maintaining a professional approach in debt collection to preserve the relationship between our clients and their debtors.

Although litigation is viewed as a last resort, our firm has a team of experienced lawyers who are well-versed in debt collection, from the amicable phase to legal procedures. We recognise that late payment is a common issue faced by businesses in Cyprus, and that past due accounts and defaulted payments can have a significant impact on the financial interests and profits of a business.

Commercial Debt Collection

Our lawyers, with over 27 years of experience in debtor-creditor issues and commercial debt collections, are committed to providing a dedicated and cost-effective approach in the recovery of all sizes of commercial debt. By working closely with our clients, we aim to expedite the process and secure payment of the debt immediately or pursue a judgement to recover payment.

For any business, past due accounts and accounts that have been defaulted on can harm business interests and profits. It is important to maximise your recovery of all sizes of commercial debt.

Our Debt Collection Services

We offer advice and representation in matters that involve:

  • Commercial credit debt collection.
  • Private debt collection.
  • Collection of secured and unsecured property.
  • Enforcement of post-judgement rights.
  • Judgement enforcement.
  • Bankruptcy representation.

Debt Collection Process

  1. Case Review.
  2. Out of Court Negotiations.
  3. Court Proceedings.
  4. Judgment Enforcement.

At Chambers & Co, we act for a diverse clientele, ranging from financial institutions and credit unions to finance companies, corporations, and private clients. Our unique approach to debt collection ensures that we provide specific knowledge and a customised approach that meets the individual needs of our clients, while also reducing costs and increasing the amounts that they are able to collect.

Debt Collection in Cyprus

See how our lawyers can help you with issues relating to Debt Collection in Cyprus.