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Sports Law

Sports Law Lawyers in Cyprus

Our Sports Law lawyers are widely recognised as the leading sports lawyers in Cyprus, acting for the biggest names in the industry.

We have extensive experience in international sports law and dispute resolution, from which as a client, you will benefit from our business-aware approach, global knowledge of and complete dedication to this field of law.

We frequently advise some of the biggest names in professional sport on Cyprus Sports Law and our clients include:

  • Player associations in Cyprus.
  • Sports Agents.
  • Professional & Amateur Sports Clubs.
  • Professional Players.
  • Sports Event Organisers.
  • Intellectual Property Licensees and Licensors.
  • Media Companies.
  • Coaches.
  • Sponsors and others involved in disputes and transactions in the sports industry.

Our expertise extends to all aspects of modern sport, dealing with all sports related disputes.

What is Sports Law?

Sports Law in effect encompasses a wide field of legal practice areas that are relevant in the sports context. These include contract law, administrative law, competition law, intellectual property law, defamation and employment law.

Player Contracts and Transfers

Sports contracts involving transfer agreements for players are incredibly complex. Our Cyprus Sports Lawyers have a wealth of experience in this area and are experts at drafting such agreements to maximise the benefit to the particular client.

Commercial Agreements

We represent sports men and women in relation to commercial agreements including media, sponsorship and image rights.

Personal Injury

We represent sports men and women in respect injuries they have sustained whilst playing a variety of contact sports.

Regulatory Disputes

We represent sports teams and individuals regarding regulatory disputes they may have with sports governing bodies and/or regulatory entities.

Sports Law in Cyprus

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