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Cyprus Legal Fees

Flexible Legal Fee Structure

At Chambers & Co we offer a range of transparent and tailored fee structures to suit our clients needs.

This enables clients to instruct us according to their budget. Our aim is to agree on the legal fee structure that will be in the best interest of the client.

The legal fee structure will depend on the work to be done, volume, regularity of work and the complexity of the matter at hand. The fee structure will be agreed with the client in advance and will be set out in our engagement letter.

We offer fixed, hourly, contingency and retainer fee structures. All the payment structures on offer and whether they are appropriate to your legal problem will be discussed with you at your initial free consultation.

Our law firm will typically need to meet with you for an initial consultation before agreeing to take on your case. We read into the case during the initial meeting in order to comprehend the issues and factual context and to provide you our concise assessment of your case.

We will then go over our fee structures with you and come to a decision on the one that best meets your requirements.  Our aim is to be as transparent as possible in relation to our legal fees.

Cyprus Legal Fees - Lawyers

Our Fee Arrangement Structures

Fixed Fee

We can discuss a fixed-fee arrangement for a number of different issues such as representation at court, drafting of documents, reviewing a document and advising upon it for a set agreed fee. All our fixed-fees structures are payable in advance of the work taking place. The main advantage of fixed-fees is that the fee cannot be changed and you will know exactly what the agreed fee covers and what our obligations to you are before you instruct us.

Contingency Fee

In certain cases we do offer a contingent fee structure. In contrast to an hourly fee or fixed fee, in a contingent fee arrangement we will receive a percentage of the monetary amount the client receives when we win or settle the case.  This can either be a 100% contingent fee or a combination of a small upfront fixed fee and a contingent fee.

Hourly Rate

This is the traditional method of instructing a lawyer, whereby the lawyer keeps a record of the time expended on the clients matter and is charged according to an hourly rate. Our rates range between €200 – €500 plus VAT per hour depending on the seniority of the lawyer/partner involved.  Invoices are issued on a monthly basis in order to assist clients with budgeting for their case and avoiding large bills at the end of the case.

Retainer Fee

A retainer fee is an advance payment that is made by the client to us for future legal services.  We offer two types of retainer fee schemes:

(1) General retainer, which is a fee for a specific period of time rather than for a specific task. While no specific representation is contemplated, the client pays for our availability during the time specified.

(2) Retaining fee, which is a deposit or lump sum fee which the client pays in advance. We place this up-front fee in a trust account. As we perform work which is instructed by the client, we withdraw funds from that trust account as payment for the work carried out. Any amount that is left over after legal representation has concluded is refunded to the client.