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Cyprus Company at a Glance

The Cyprus Company at a Glance.

Company type: Limited Liability Company (LTD).

Applicable law: The Cyprus Companies Law, CAP.113.

Company name: Desirable names are submitted to the Registrar of Companies for approval. It can take between 2-5 working days to get a name approved. Name application can be rejected due to similarity with Company names already registered. Company names must end with the suffix LTD or LIMITED.

Incorporation timescale: After name approval, it usually takes 5-10 working days, depending on the workload of the Cyprus Registrar of Companies.

Shelf companies: Yes, available.

Registered office: Yes, it is a requirement. A physical address is needed, and not a P.O. Box.

Company secretary: Yes, it is a requirement and can either be a natural person or a legal entity, preferably Cyprus resident, but can be of any nationality.

Company director: Yes, it is a requirement and can either be a natural person or a legal entity. Must be a resident of Cyprus in order to meet residency criteria for tax purposes.

Annual Returns requirement: Yes.

Financial Statements requirement: Yes.

Shareholders: Minimum 1 Shareholder, maximum 50. Same person or legal entity can act as Shareholder, Director and Secretary.

Details filed with the Registrar of Companies and found on public record: Memorandum & Articles of Association, Shareholder, Director, Secretary and Registered Office. The identity of the Beneficial Owner can be protected through the use of Nominees.

Minimum share capital: Usually 1000 shares of EUR1 each.

Anti-money laundering legislation in place? Yes.

Double Taxation Agreements in place? Yes, please contact us for a full list of countries with which Cyprus has entered into Agreements for the avoidance of Double-Taxation.

Corporate tax: Uniform 12.5% on profits.

Incorporating your Cyprus Company is fast and simple with us.  We offer competitive fees with no hidden costs.  In addition, our law firm offers nominee services for full confidentiality.

We can complete your Cyprus company formation in about 8 days.  A Cyprus company can open a bank account in any jurisdiction and we provide assistance if needed.