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Cyprus Company Formation Form


The mandatory services are required and cannot be excluded. However, you have the flexibility to select any of the additional options provided.

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Please provide us with three choices for the company name, ranked in order of preference. We will make every effort to obtain approval for your first choice. Here are the general guidelines for selecting a company name in Cyprus:

  1. Uniqueness: The company name must be unique and not identical or similar to any existing company names.
  2. Prohibited words: The company name cannot include words that are prohibited by law or that may be misleading, such as "Royal," "National," or "Government."
  3. Suffix requirement: The company name should include one of the following suffixes: "Limited," "Ltd," "Public Limited Company," or "PLC."
  4. Language: The company name must be in either the Greek or English language.

Base Price Including VAT: 3.094,00 €

Please provide us with a brief description of the intended business activities of the Company.


Cyprus Company Registration - Open Company in Cyprus

Registering your Cyprus Company is fast and simple with us.  We offer competitive fees with no hidden costs.  In addition, our law firm offers nominee services for full confidentiality.

We can complete your Cyprus company registration in about 8 days.  A Cyprus company can open a bank account in any jurisdiction and we provide assistance if needed.