New Electronic Application Process for Divorce in Cyprus

Starting from May 1st, 2023, the mandatory conciliation attempt, will be carried out exclusively through an electronic platform, as a prerequisite for initiating divorce proceedings in the Family Court. Applications can be submitted online at

According to an announcement by the Church of Cyprus, no other types of applications will be accepted after this date. The decision was made in agreement with the Cyprus Bar Association.

Individuals can submit the electronic application themselves or through the relevant offices of the Archbishopric or the Metropolis. Alternatively, third parties such as lawyers can also submit the application. However, it is important to note that legal or other advisors do not participate in the conciliation and spiritual resolution process of marriage.

Upon providing all mandatory information through the electronic process, applicants will instantly receive an email confirming the submission of the application, as well as a certificate necessary for the proceedings in the Family Court.

Subsequently, an invitation to attempt conciliation will be sent via written message. This conciliation attempt is obligatory, as a related certificate will be issued after its completion. In case of failure, this certificate must be submitted to the Family Court in order to be able to proceed with the divorce application.

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