Strike off of registered companies due to non-payment of the Annual Fee: Notice of the Registrar of Companies

The Registrar of Companies announced that it intends to proceed with the strike off of companies, in accordance with article 327 (2A) (b) of the Companies Law, Chapter 113.

The Registrar of Companies will strike off a company from the register in case of failure to pay the Annual Fee provided for in article 391 for a period of one year, from the date it became payable.

Specifically, those companies that have not paid the Annual Fee for any year for the period 2012-2021, will be published in the Official Gazette of the Republic and after three months from the date of publication, the companies will be struck off from the register, according to Article 327(3)(c) of the Companies Law, Chapter 113, unless in the meantime there is a reason to the contrary.