Abolition of the €350 Annual Company Fee in Cyprus

A Significant Step for Business Relief and Support

After 12 years, the €350 annual fee imposed on companies in Cyprus in 2011 is being abolished. The decision, taken by the Cabinet in February, 2024, marks a significant step towards alleviating the financial burden on businesses, especially during a challenging economic period.

History of the Fee

The €350 fee was introduced in 2011 as part of fiscal consolidation measures implemented after the economic crisis. Its imposition drew criticism from the business community, which deemed it unfair and argued it disproportionately impacted small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Significance of the Abolition

The abolition of the €350 fee is expected to bring substantial benefits to Cypriot businesses. Specifically:

  • Reduced financial burden: Eliminating the fee frees up resources for businesses to invest in growth, innovation, and job creation.
  • Improved business environment: The fee’s abolition helps enhance the business environment in Cyprus, making it more attractive for domestic and foreign investment.
  • Enhanced competitiveness: Lowering operating costs makes businesses more competitive in local and international markets.


The abolition of the €350 annual fee is a positive development for businesses in Cyprus. This decision is anticipated to stimulate economic activity, boost employment, and contribute to the growth of the Cypriot economy.

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