At Chambers & Co, we’re proud to be at the confluence of legal tradition and technological innovation, particularly in the realm of iGaming. It’s our pleasure to present an interview hosted by, featuring our own Richard Chambers who has been instrumental in navigating the firm through the complex currents of iGaming law.

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Richard’s extensive experience, dating back to the inception of the online gaming industry, has provided him with an unparalleled depth of knowledge and a unique perspective on the evolution of this vibrant legal field. Throughout the interview, Richard shares valuable insights into how Chambers & Co has remained at the vanguard of the iGaming legal sector, offering a compelling narrative that aligns with our firm’s history of excellence and innovation.

Join us as we explore the milestones and methodologies that define Chambers & Co’s success in iGaming law. This conversation not only sheds light on the intricacies of iGaming legislation but also underscores our commitment to leading our clients forward with integrity, expertise, and foresight.

LawyerCy: Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Richard Chambers, a leading figure at Chambers & Co, a law firm with a prestigious history in the iGaming industry since 1999. Richard, thank you for joining us. Could you start by telling us a bit about the early days and how Chambers & Co became involved in iGaming?

Richard Chambers: Absolutely, and thank you for this opportunity. Our venture into the iGaming legal space was both strategic and visionary. In the late ’90s, as the internet began reshaping numerous industries, we identified iGaming as a sector ripe for growth and innovation. Recognising the potential legal complexities this burgeoning industry would face, we set out to become the go-to legal advisors. Our firm’s ethos of staying ahead of legal and technological trends positioned us perfectly to navigate the nascent regulatory landscapes of online gambling.

LawyerCy: With your extensive experience, including your role as CEO for numerous online gambling and software development companies, how has this shaped the services Chambers & Co offers today?

Richard Chambers: My hands-on experience in operational roles within the iGaming sector has been invaluable. It has provided us with unique insights into the industry’s challenges and opportunities from a business perspective. This practical knowledge has enabled us to tailor our legal services to address the specific needs of iGaming businesses comprehensively. We’re not just legal advisors; we’re strategic partners to our clients, thanks to our deep understanding of the industry dynamics.

LawyerCy: Chambers & Co is known for pioneering in the regulated online gambling market. Can you highlight some key milestones in obtaining licenses across various jurisdictions?

Richard Chambers: Certainly. One of our earliest and most significant milestones was obtaining a license from the UK Gambling Commission, a landmark that underscored our expertise in navigating complex regulatory environments. We’ve since expanded our reach, securing licenses for our clients in Malta, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Curacao, and Anjouan, among others. Each jurisdiction has its unique challenges and requirements, but our proactive and meticulous approach has consistently delivered success.

LawyerCy: With over 100 gaming client companies as clients, what do you believe sets Chambers & Co apart in the competitive field of iGaming legal services?

Richard Chambers: Our distinction lies in our comprehensive understanding of the iGaming industry, combined with our legal prowess. Having been actively involved in the industry since its inception, we’ve developed a nuanced approach that considers both the legal landscape and the market dynamics. Our team’s ability to anticipate regulatory shifts and adapt strategies accordingly has been instrumental in our clients’ successes. Moreover, our global network allows us to offer unparalleled support in securing licences and ensuring compliance across multiple jurisdictions.

LawyerCy: Given the rapid evolution of the iGaming sector, how does Chambers & Co stay ahead of the curve in terms of regulatory changes and technological advancements?

Richard Chambers: The iGaming industry is indeed fast-paced, and staying ahead requires an agile and informed approach. We dedicate significant resources to continuous learning, research, and development. Our team is constantly engaging with the latest legal tech innovations to enhance our service delivery. Moreover, we maintain active participation in industry forums, regulatory discussions, and international conferences. This ongoing engagement ensures we’re always equipped with the latest insights and tools to advise our clients effectively.

LawyerCy: Lastly, for businesses looking to enter the iGaming market, what advice would you offer based on your decades of experience?

Richard Chambers: My advice to new entrants is clear: prioritize compliance and regulatory foresight. The iGaming industry offers tremendous opportunities but navigating its regulatory complexities requires expert guidance. It’s crucial to build a solid legal foundation from the outset. Partner with advisors who not only understand the legal landscape but who also have a deep appreciation for the industry’s business and operational aspects. Success in iGaming requires more than just meeting current regulations; it demands a strategic approach to future-proof your business.

LawyerCy: Richard, it’s been enlightening discussing Chambers & Co’s pivotal role in the iGaming industry with you. Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences with us today.

Richard Chambers: Thank you for the opportunity. It’s been a pleasure to share our journey and insights. At Chambers & Co, we’re passionate about the iGaming industry and committed to advancing its growth and success. We look forward to continuing to support our clients and the broader industry with our expertise and dedication.

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