The Cyprus Yellow Slip (Registration Certificate)

The Cyprus Yellow Slip, officially known as the Registration Certificate and printed on yellow paper, is designed for EU citizens looking to reside and work or stay as visitors within Cyprus. Applicants must file for the certificate within four months of entering Cyprus.

Overview of the Cyprus Yellow Slip

Application types and forms vary for EU citizens and their non-EU family members.

Form MEU1

EU citizens and their EU family members need to apply with the MEU1 form.

Cyprus Yellow Slip Processing Time

The Yellow Slip is issued directly by the city’s immigration unit where the applicant resides and applies, either immediately or within a maximum of 5 days.

Form MEU2

Non-EU family members must apply with the MEU2 form.

Processing Time for Non-EU Family Members

The Civil Registry and Migration Department in Nicosia issues the Yellow Slip, which is then mailed to the applicant’s address. This process typically takes around 3-5 months.

Upon applying, applicants are allowed to stay in Cyprus and may even re-enter if they carry their application receipt during travel.

Cyprus Yellow Slip Validity

The Registration Certificate for EU citizens has no expiration date.

Certificates for non-EU family members remain valid for 5 years. After this period, applicants can apply for renewal.

Advantages of the Cyprus Yellow Slip

Holders of the Cyprus Yellow Slip enjoy full rights to stay, re-entry, work, business activities, and essentially the same privileges as Cypriot citizens.

Obtaining a Cyprus Yellow Slip

Necessary Documents

  1. Fully completed MEU1 & MEU2 application forms.
  2. A valid passport copy.
  3. A certified and translated Marriage Certificate (if applicable)*.
  4. Certified and translated Birth Certificates for children (if applicable)*.
  5. A rental or sale agreement for a house/apartment (a minimum one-year rental agreement, endorsed by a Muhtar or certifying officer & stamped at the tax office).
  6. Bank statements from a Cyprus-based bank or from abroad (if applicable).
  7. If employed abroad: an employer’s confirmation letter and payslip.
  8. If employed in Cyprus: a. Employer’s confirmation letter. b. Social Insurance Registration and yearly income certificate. c. Employer’s signature on the application form.
  9. Health insurance (not required if employed in Cyprus): may be an international policy or one obtained in Cyprus.
  10. Two small passport-sized photos.

Documents marked with (*) need to be translated into English and have an “APOSTILLE” stamp or be certified by both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing country and the Cyprus Embassy of that country.

Application Steps

  1. Applicants or their lawyer must schedule the date for submitting the applications, ideally 3-4 weeks before the desired submission date.
  2. Applicants must be physically present when applying for the Yellow Slip. Applications cannot be submitted by a lawyer or through power of attorney. However, the lawyer can accompany the applicant during the submission.

Cyprus Government Fees

Initial application or renewal: €20 per family member.

Application Submission Site

Applicants must apply at the Immigration Unit of their city of residence. Applications are then forwarded and reviewed by the Civil Registry and Migration Department.

Renewing a Yellow Slip in Cyprus

For non-EU family members, the renewal process requires submitting all the documents and certificates provided during the initial registration. However, EU citizens do not need to renew their Yellow Slip, as it does not expire.

Services Offered by Our Law Firm

Our law firm provides a range of services to support you throughout the Cyprus Yellow Slip application process, including:

  1. Advising on the necessary documentation and requirements for a successful application.
  2. Reviewing and preparing all required documents and forms for submission.
  3. Assisting with document translations and certifications, if needed.
  4. Scheduling the submission date for your application.
  5. Accompanying you during the submission of your application at the immigration unit.
  6. Monitoring the application status and providing you with regular updates.
  7. Assisting with Yellow Slip renewal for non-EU family members, if applicable.
  8. Providing guidance and support on related matters, such as housing, employment, and healthcare.

Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to ensuring your Yellow Slip application process is as seamless and efficient as possible, allowing you to focus on establishing your new life in Cyprus.