Cyprus Process Server


Chambers & Co, offers specialised services to overseas law firms and international clients, particularly in the realm of legal process serving. Our extensive knowledge of Cyprus and EU law, equips us to provide unparalleled assistance in the field of legal process serving in Cyprus, a crucial aspect of cross-border litigation.

Understanding Process Serving in Cyprus

Process serving is the procedural act of delivering legal documents such as summons, writs, and subpoenas to individuals or entities involved in legal proceedings. In Cyprus, this practice is guided by a set of specific laws and regulations, ensuring adherence to due process and the rights of all parties involved.

Services Offered by Chambers & Co

  1. Expert Guidance on Cypriot Legal Procedures: Our team of legal experts offers detailed consultations on the Cypriot legal system, specifically focusing on the procedural norms and legal requirements of process serving within the jurisdiction. This includes advice on statutory time frames, proper methods of service, and the specificities of serving documents to different categories of recipients, such as individuals, corporations, or government entities.
  2. Cross-Border Process Serving: Our firm specialises in facilitating the serving of legal documents from overseas jurisdictions within Cyprus, ensuring adherence to both local and international legal standards.
  3. Translation and Localisation Services: We offer translation services for legal documents to meet the requirements of the Cypriot legal system. Our services are designed to bridge the gap between differing legal systems, ensuring that the process is executed in a manner that is legally sound both in Cyprus and the originating jurisdiction.
  4. Affidavit of Service and Compliance: Upon successful service, we provide detailed affidavits of service, confirming that the process has been completed in accordance with Cypriot law.
  5. Consultation on EU Service Regulations: We offer comprehensive advice on the EU Service Regulation (Regulation (EC) No 1393/2007), which is crucial for process serving within EU member states, including Cyprus.
  6. Liaison with Local Authorities: Our firm acts as a liaison between overseas law firms and local authorities, streamlining communication and procedural requirements.
  7. Emergency and Expedited Services: Recognising the urgency of certain legal matters, we offer expedited process serving for time-sensitive cases.

Compliance with International Legal Standards

Chambers & Co is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of legal practice. We ensure full compliance with international legal frameworks such as the Hague Service Convention, alongside local Cypriot laws and EU regulations. This dual focus guarantees that our process serving services are not only effective but also legally robust, safeguarding against any procedural challenges.


For overseas law firms in need of reliable, expert legal support in Cyprus, Chambers & Co is an ideal partner. Our deep understanding of the legal landscapes of Cyprus, the EU, and English law, combined with our commitment to precision and legal compliance, ensures that our clients receive unparalleled service. With Chambers & Co, international legal entities can navigate the process serving requirements in Cyprus with confidence and ease.