The epidemiological situation of our country continues to improve, with a marked decrease in both the number of cases and the number of hospitalisations.

This improvement in epidemiological indicators allows us to proceed to further relaxations, while evaluating the scientific data, on a daily basis, for careful and targeted decisions.

Collective and individual responsibility has contributed greatly to tackling the pandemic, and this is why I would like to stress once again that positive developments must in no way lead to complacency and non-compliance with the personal protection measures. We will continue to wear our protective mask and keep the right distance to ensure the health of each and every one of us, as well as our loved ones’.

Taking into account the above, the Council of Ministers has decided:

a) as of 15 May 2022, the suspension of the measure for mandatory Safe Pass presentation in entertainment establishments, dance and music venues and events including weddings and christenings.

b) as of 15 May 2022, visits to patients in public and private hospitals are allowed with a maximum of 2 persons per day, with the presentation of a 24-hour Rapid test (1 person per visit).